About A G Language and Business

A G Language & Business (AG-LB) provides a range of professional services to the Charity and Public Sectors - from business administration, to advocacy, to Spanish-English interpreting.

Voluntary Sector Special Arrangements

A G Language & Business is committed to supporting the work of the voluntary sector and not-for-profit organisations, particulary welcoming enquiries from you if your organisation fits into these categories.

Within AG-LB we have experience of providing services for a number of charities, education bodies and the public sector. AG-LB offers special reduced fees when providing such services.

Please make contact for more details and to discuss your organisation's requirements.

Angela Goley: A Profile

The founder of A G Language & Business is Angela Goley. 

Angela Goley's business experience has developed over more than thirty years and she now provides Business Consultancy Services by drawing on extensive experience in a broad range of fields including the private, voluntary and public sectors, in areas such as the media, charities, education and aviation.

Angela Goley's interest in English Language Training began in 1985 when she received her initial training with Berlitz in Madrid and began teaching English as an additional language. Since then she has continued broadening her English Language Training experience in the UK and overseas, providing a wide range of English Language Training to people of all ages and from all walks of life. In more recent years she has drawn on her extensive business experience and specialises in providing Business English Language Training.

Fluent in Spanish, Angela Goley is an Interpreter and Translator (translating from Spanish into English). Angela Goley has lived in Spain for extended periods since 1983 and worked in Spain and Latin America for a number of organisations including BBC World Service, Bristol City Council Interpreting and Translation Service and John Harvey & Sons.

Angela Goley has worked independently for many years and founded A G Language & Business in 2000. The focus is to provide a first-class, professional service, paying particular attention to individual client specifications.


A G Language & Business has a broad range of clients from the private, voluntary and public sectors.

  • National Trust
  • BBCMundo.com
  •  Bristol City Council Translation and Interpreting Service